Commercial Pilot - Airplane SEL

As a Private Pilot you were able to focus on personal goals and empowerment. The Instrument Rating allowed you to become disciplined and fly with precision. Now, as a Commercial Pilot you will be able to be compensated for your achievements!

Commercial Pilots are Able to:

  • Crop Dust

  • Tow Banners

  • Flight Instruct

  • Become an Airline Transport Pilot

  • Transport Cargo

  • Aerial Photography

  • Much More!

Commercial Pilot Requirements

  • Hold an FAA 2nd Class Medical

  • Be Able to Read, Write and Converse Fluently in English

  • 250 Hours Total Flight Time 

  • 50 Hours Must Be in Airplanes

  • 100 Hours As PIC

  • 50 Hours Cross Country

  • 10 Hours in A Complex Aircraft 

  • 2 Hours Cross Country Flight in Daytime Conditions

    • More Than 100 Nautical Miles from Departure Point ​

  • 2 Hours Cross Country Flight in Nighttime Conditions

    • More Than 100 Nautical Miles from Departure Point 

  • 10 Hours Solo or 10 Hours of Flight Time Performing Duties of PIC in SEL Airplane 

    • 1 Cross Country Over 300 Nautical Miles Total Distance 

      • 3 Landings 

      • One Leg Must Be At Least 250 Nautical Miles Straight Line Distance

    • 5 Hours Night VFR at A Controlled Airport 

      • 10 Takeoffs

      • 10 Landings

  • Checkride

Our Part 141 program provides a time sensitive training environment, while our Part 61 program provides a flexible training environment to meet your schedule. In both programs you will achieve your Commercial Pilot's License.