Multi Engine Instructor - (MEI)

As a multi-Engine pilot, you have enjoyed operating complex and capable airplanes. Sharing that skill and experience with other aviators is a rewarding opportunity. Whether you are adding a multi-Engine instructor rating or obtaining your initial instructor rating, the NextGen MEI program will prepare you to become a successful educator.

Requirements for MEI are:

  • Valid multi-Engine commercial pilot w/ instrument rating

    • Or ATP certificate

  • 3rd class or higher medical

  • At least 18 years old 

  • Read, speak, write, and understand English 

  • 70% or better score on Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) knowledge test 

  • 70% or better score on Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) knowledge test or already possess a ground instructor or flight instructor certificate or hold a teaching certificate for 7th grade or above

NOTE: If this is an “add-on”, the knowledge tests are not required.

  • At least 15 hours PIC in the category and class of aircraft appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought. 

  • Practical test prep flights within the preceding 2 calendar months with an authorized CFI (per §61.39(a)6) 

  • Spin Training (required for endorsement below)

  • Checkride